Our Solution

How does it work

eSquare is an enormously modular, easy to use and configurable solution with 20+ categories, 80+ modules and 300+ features. Built on new age design and intuitive patterns, we offer users the best in breed thanks to our multiple features:


Effortlessly manage your inventory, payroll, HR, accounting etc, in a new age manner.Example modules:

  • Fees
  • Accounting
  • HR
  • Inventory/Store

Fees & Invoicing

You believe your fee structure is complex? No worries, our flexible module can handle it all and more. Example modules:

  • Invoices
  • Overdue management
  • Family statements


Manage all your open seats and pre-student pipelines with ease, all the way through online application. Example modules:

  • Pre-Admission
  • Admission
  • Online admission

Academic Management

Our powerful modules allows you to breeze through planning, curriculum, examinations, assignments etc.Example modules:

  • Academic planning
  • Curriculum management

Learning Management

Track progress of student learning and outcomes, as well as their assignment completions at the click. Example modules:

  • Learning ladder
  • Progress tracking

Discipline and Behaviour

With data driven tools for attendance, behaviour and incident handling, managing discipline has never been easier. Example modules:

  • Live attendance
  • Incidents

Student Safety & Security

With real time tracking of student attendance, bus, clinic visits etc., the school and parents always stay informed. Example modules:

  • Transportation
  • Clinic

Integrated Communicator

Our innovative and integrated ‘gmail-like’ communicator allows teachers, parents, students, administration and the Principal to be in active touch, also integrating sms, circulars, notices etc. Example modules:

  • Emails (closed loop)
  • Circulars / notices
  • SMS
How does it work

Smart Controls

Using real time data and time series insights, our dashboards and exception reports enable easy decisions and control actions. Example modules:

  • Dashboards
  • Exception handling
  • Document management
How does it work

Best-of-Breed Access

Our open API and flexible architecture allow us to work with best-of-breed solutions that schools may use for accounting, e-learning resources etc. Example modules:

  • Accounting
  • Biometric
  • RFID
How does it work

Collaborative Learning

To support learning in today’s age, we have new tools such as e-portfolios, surveys, blog etc. Example modules:

  • Survey
  • E-portfolio
  • Blog

100% Arabic Interface

The entire solutions is available with a 100% Arabic interface, that can be turned on with a single click

Management Reports

Whether using our standard MIS packs or via custom built reports, management teams can have incisive and data backed insights like never before. And all of this through one platform

Parent/Student Engagement

The parent and student have never been so much more connected. With a dedicated app, safety, academics or the mundane, like buying uniforms or paying fees, has never been easier. Example modules:

  • Dedicated App
  • Child safety
  • Academic

Simplifying Teacher’s Life

A dedicated teacher portal helps simplify the day-to-day life of a teacher, whether for self- management or for managing the class. Our cloud service enables enormous flexibility. Example modules:

  • Self management
  • Lesson plans
  • Marks entry

Real Time Insight
to Management/Owner

Also with a dedicated portal, now finally the management/owner have tailor made tools to take operating decisions and manage exceptions like never before

Smart Admin Panel

Our powerful and configurable admin panel gives enormous power to change rules, privileges, processes and controls within seconds. No need to request change in code

Regulatory Inspection
and Reporting

Be more prepared for regulator inspection and ongoing reporting with our custom built suite of regulator reports as well as our dynamic-reporting features